About Us

Experience the versatile and all-purpose wagon carts of FLEXIHAUL to transform every step you move. Our journey is based on valuable insights and genuine efforts that meet your everyday demands.


For a top-tier wagon cart, you need to pay an exorbitant price. But as a team of dedicated engineers, we have tested countless models to craft a folding cart with high quality that too at a reasonable cost.


Step towards FLEXIHAUL – which has a great variety of wagons made for your beach trips, shopping hauls, and camping nights. We understand the pain points of cart users and solve them with our steel frame wagons including rotatable wheels. After observing the renowned brands, we merged their customer feedback with our own firsthand experiences. And unveiled our mission to craft wagons that are the pinnacle of quality.


FLEXIHAUL stands tall amidst the wagon market, due to its three pillars of quality, affordability, and, above all, customers. We believe that every individual deserves a reliable cart that can safely carry their goods. FLEXIHAUL doesn't just make this belief a reality; it assures an effortless hauling experience for those who choose our wagons.


Embark on this transformative journey with us to get the best foldable wagon carts. It's not just a wagon – it's a legacy of quality and trust. With FLEXIHAUL, you can travel every mile and accomplish every task.